Thursday, April 12, 2012

A REAL Blog at Last

Well it's taken almost 3 years, no job, a job, no job, having a baby, getting pregnant with twins, and a trip to Korea to actually get this blog up and running the way I want it to, but it's up now. I'm sorry for all the delays. Especially to Andrew, because for the first 7.5 months of his life, I haven't done a very good job chronicling his life. But that is about to change. Now that I have spent an entire day figuring out this whole blog thing and have realized that it really isn't as hard and scary as I've always made it out to be I plan to update it on a regular basis. That way, I won't feel guilty about not doing a good job with scrapbooking and I can chalk one up for doing "family history" as well. I hope you enjoy reading and following what happens in the years to come. If for no one else, this blog is dedicated to our children and their children so that they know what happened in their lives before they were big enough to remember and once they were, but didn't keep track of it as well as later they would have wanted to. And now....Wiest Ways, to the many wanderings along this path called life!

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